While shopping at www.SqueakysTrains.com you can earn reward points with every purchase. This is our way of showing gratitude to our customers for choosing Squeaky's Trains & Things LLC. Once you created an account on www.SqueakysTrains.com you instantly joined our reward program. At this point you'll start earning rewards for each order, each referral and even for your birthday! Those rewards point we like to call "Tickets", with these tickets you can redeem rewards such as free Mystery Boxes, Coupon Codes and more!

Earning Tickets

1. Earn Tickets with each purchase.

  • Each $1.00 equals 1 Ticket (excluding tax and shipping charges).
  • During events you may earn multiple points per $1.00.

    2. Have a Birthday!

    • You'll earn 20 Tickets on your real life birthday. (worth $20.00)
    • Refer a Friend.
    3. Share your unique Your Referral Link with your friends or family and earn 10 Tickets per referral (worth $10.00)
    • Note: Minimum PRICE HERE.
    4. Join Events & Contest.
      • Sometimes we'll have events or contents running, for example on Facebook, on our website directly, or during real life events. Each events will have their own rules and rewards, follow our Facebook, Twitter and other social media for the latest announcements.

      Redeeming Tickets

      You can redeem Squeaky's Trains Tickets by pressing the Customer Loyalty Program button located on the lower right side of your screen. (Desktop)
      Once the Customer Loyalty Program has opened, you can click the "Redeem Tickets" tab and select a reward by pressing "Get Reward". Note you can only select rewards you collected enough tickets for. You can see your current total of tickets in the same Customer Loyalty Program menu in the top left corner.

      Loyalty Tiers
      Each time you earn tickets you also earn loyalty points. These points continue to grow even after you redeemed your tickets. Each time you pass a Loyalty Tier you will receive a permanent Loyalty Bonus.
      Total Loyalty Points Tier Name  Reward
      10 - 999 New Customer 10 Bonus Tickets
      1000 - 2500 Railroad Traveler 100 Bonus Tickets

      Loyalty Upgrade

      Are you the biggest railroad fan on earth, or a serious collector? It may be worth upgrading your Customer Loyalty Program to the next level. By upgrading you receive exclusive bonuses such as extra reward tickets with each order, more reward redeem options and more!

      Benefit Free Loyalty Tiers  Upgraded Loyalty Tiers
      Points Per Order $1.00 = 1 Ticket $1.00 = 3 Tickets
      Order Return Window 30 Days 60 Days
      Redeem Options Basic Exclusive Unlocks

      Loyalty Upgrading is currently not available, please check back soon!


      • Q: Do I earn points shopping from Squeaky's Trains on Ebay, Etsy or other marketing platforms?
        • A:  Purchases on our marketplace locations will not earn you tickets on your account. You can only earn rewards by shopping directly from www.SqueakysTrains.com